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Growing Sake as a global key industry


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Making the SAKE market a 50 trillion yen industry

SAKE mainly refers to Japanese Sake (which is made in Japan), but nowadays, it is a global liquor made from rice, and is produced in more than 15 countries around the world.

SAKE used to be made from Japonica rice. However, now SAKE can be made from Indica rice as well, which led to more popularity in wider countries.

Then, how big will the SAKE market become eventually?

A country’s liquor culture is deeply connected with the country’s grain and fruit, which are ingredients of liquor. In the areas which have historically produced grape, wine and brandy were brewed, and areas which produced wheat brewed beer and whisky.
Also, it is said that the production scale of an ingredient and the market scale of liquor produced by that correlates to some extent.

Let’s think about rice and SAKE. Rice is actually the world’s second consumed food grain, coming after wheat, and its world production scale is more than six times of that of grape.

The market size of beer, produced from wheat is approximately 66 trillion yen, and that of wine, produced from grapes is approximately 33 trillion yen.
Considering these facts, we believe SAKE could become a 50 trillion yen market in the future.


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