Company name
14-11, Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Year established
September 2013
59.62 million yen
CEO Yuya Yamamoto
Executive Officer Yuki Terada


Mirai Japanese Sake Store

September 2013
Company established. Started with the consulting and promoting business.
January 2015
Started “KURA FES”, which is a playground for adults who enjoy the coolness of Japanese SAKE.
February 2015
Started an original SAKE business, having partner brewing companies. (Have developed and 24 items till today)
March 2015
Started retail and mail-order business
April 2017
Held “SAKE STAR FES”, which is a new SAKE event, where future star brewers came together.
June 2017
Started the “Future Japanese SAKE store”, which is a SAKE select shop.
April 2018
Started to take part in the “YUMMY SAKE” business, which is a Japanese SAKE tasting entertainment, using artificial intelligence.
July 2018
Opening of the Future Japanese SAKE store Kichijoji. (Musashino city, Tokyo)
January 2019
Opening of the YUMMY SAKE COLLECTIVE (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


Mirai Japanese Sake Store

Since the old days, areas that grew grain and fruits, brewed various types of liquor, which were loved by the people there.

These grain and fruits generally turned bad quickly, but thanks to “brewing”, they become liquor and also able to last for a few decades. In addition, they became able to generate much value, incomparable to their original state.
In short, brewing extends the life-span of grain and fruits, and produces originality.
SAKE, which we love, is made from rice and water, and is brewed along with the producer’s craftsmanship and technique.

Ever since I met SAKE, I’ve been to more than 100 breweries. At every single visit, the wide variety of taste and personality of SAKE, and the passion of the producers have moved my heart. Simultaneously, I become attracted to the harmony, the comfortable and exciting atmosphere generated from SAKE.

Then, what will the SAKE world become like in the future?
I believe that now is the gold age of SAKE brewery.
This is because tradition (created by the chief brewer association) and new trends (created by academic knowledge by agricultural colleges and developed technology) have merged and have created a new SAKE world.

Also, as the new SAKE world has spread around the world, ways of enjoying SAKE have been rediscovered and SAKE has become diverse.
For example, as SAKE spread around the world, its history was looked back on, which led to rediscovery of the charm of mature liquor and love of vintage SAKE all over the world.
SAKE that has terroir (just like wine), is now being loved as well. This SAKE is produced from rice and water from the produced land, instead of using rice from famous production areas.

Rice is what earth has helped us make, water is what heaven delivered to us, and technique is what people have created throughout history. SAKE, containing what earth, heaven and history gave us, is exactly the “Essence of local”, and Japanese SAKE is the “Essence of Japan”.

MIRAI SAKE COMPANY wants to co-create the future of SAKE with farmers, breweries, and all consumers.

Yuya Yamamoto